EndurAI Training

EndurAI provides specialist onsite technology training delivered to a private group at the client location. Course content is tailored
to the client requirements and drawn from the experience and expertise of EndurAI’s professionals. Here is a sample list of
customized courses for the client for their domain of business.

  • Intelligent business process automation using Robotic Process Automation (3 to 5 days course)
  • Laying the Foundation for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (3 days course)
  • The art, science, and technology of 360-Degree Client analytics and intelligence (3 to 5 days course)
  • Extracting signal out of big data noise and produce actionable insight (2 to 3 days course)
  • Adopting Functional Programming in the Financial Industry with Scala or F# (3 days course)
  • Delivering AI solutions at the edge of the network aka EdgeAI using MLOps – (1 to 3 days course)
  • Python for Data Science and Machine Learning – 3 levels (Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced) – (1 to 5 days)

Our courses are priced per group, not per person. Each course price varies depending on the complexity of the industry domain and the level of details or hands-on required by the client. Depending on the client location, there may be additional travel and accommodation costs added to the following indicative price list. We will limit the class groups to a maximum of 30 in order to make sure enough attention is given to participants. The fees listed below do not include facilities or catering services and the Company expects the client to provide a suitable arrangement for the delivery of the course. Handouts, stationery are provided by EndurAI as well as the projector and media presentation laptop. The participants are required to bring their own laptop with internet access in order to participate in the workshop sessions.