About Us

EndurAI LLC was established and incorporated in Austin, Texas in January 2020. EndurAI operates in the IT Consulting Industry, offering a variety of products and services such as IT software, hardware consulting, Enterprise Solution Architecture design and blueprints, Project & Program Management, Corporate Training, and software licenses for in-house developed products. EndurAI consulting services and products that will focus on Business Process Automation using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques along with modern enterprise application design and integration with third-party solutions that are on-premises, cloud-native, or hybrid as per client requirement. EndurAI will initially target corporate clients as well as business entities operating in the public sector. The Company will also provide corporate training to employees of the clients as well as train the next generation of graduates from U.S. universities for internal staffing, leveraging the combined experience of its senior employees.

EndurAI will be able to provide innovative solutions and create digital revenue streams and cost optimization for its clients via digital channels augmentation and business process automation. Because of our employees’ professional experiences, as well as the Company’s cutting-edge business practices and focus on customer satisfaction in all stages of the business implementation, EndurAI is expected to stand out amongst the competition.

Our Foundation

The core foundation and principles of our business are embedded in our brand name. The essential paradox of Artificial Intelligence is that it’s most prominent technology, machine learning, is unequivocally dependent on humans. Machine learning’s dynamic algorithms won’t replace static rules-based ones, much like machine intelligence won’t outright supplant human intelligence. Instead, human input in the form of labeled training data, rules, and even rules-based algorithms is an indispensable necessity for the creation and accuracy of machine learning’s predictive prowess. “Rules-based algorithms are always good because they start with a human baseline, and then you implement machine learning on top to actually learn from that rules-based algorithm and then do the right prediction,” reflected the CEO of EndurAI.

Endurance + Artificial Intelligence = EndurAI

For leaders of traditional firms, competing with digital rivals involves more than deploying enterprise software or even building data pipelines, understanding algorithms, and experimenting. It requires rearchitecting the firm’s organization and operating model. For a very, very long time, companies have optimized their scale, scope, and learning through greater focus and specialization, which led to the siloed structures that the vast majority of enterprises today have. Generations of information technology didn’t change this pattern. For decades, IT was used to enhance the performance of specific functions and organizational units. Traditional enterprise systems often even reinforced silos and divisions across functions and products. Silos, however, are the enemy of AI-powered growth. Indeed, businesses like Google Ads and MyBank deliberately forgo them and are designed to leverage an integrated core of data and a unified, consistent codebase. When each silo in a firm has its own data and code, internal development is fragmented, and it’s nearly impossible to build connections across the silos or with external business networks or ecosystems. It’s also nearly impossible to develop a 360-degree understanding of the customer that both serves and draws from every department and function. So when firms set up a new digital core, they should avoid creating deep organizational divisions within it.

US   /ɪnˈdʊər·əns/
“The ability to continue doing something for a long time”
Cambridge Dictionary

While the transition to an AI-driven business process is challenging, many traditional firms need expert assistance from specialists like EndurAI. Many of them have committed and begun to make the shift to survive the wave of AI-driven automation. In fact, in a recent study, Gartner has looked at more than 350 traditional enterprises in both service and manufacturing sectors and found that the majority had started building a greater focus on process automation and machine learning-based analytics into their organizations. 

Our Vision

Committed to inspiring generations by building innovative reliable solutions and value-driven partnerships for growing enterprises, maximizing their ROI, and increasing the overall organizational profitability.

Our Mission

Serve our clients with commitment and integrity. Deliver effective and efficient solutions with complete transparency by leveraging decades of experience in Enterprise Solution Architecture, Software Engineering, and Design.

Our Logo inspiration

Jellyfish is one of the top 10 most enduring animals in the world. They have been swimming in our Oceans for around 700 million years. They have the ability to technically live forever, hence their name “The Immortal Jellyfish”. There are around 200 species of jellyfish. The jellyfish is far from being the toughest animal in the Ocean, however, no other animals have been found to be able to revert back to infancy in order to extend their lives.

A transistor is a device that amplifies or switches electronic signals when it received an input signal. In the digital world, a transistor is a binary switch and the fundamental building block of computer. A single modern CPU can have hundreds of millions or even billions of transistors. Artificial Intelligence is any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal.

EndurAI‘s logo is a combination of these two ideas. A company that is small as a jellyfish or a transistor in size but built to endure longer than most of its competitors much bigger in size and stronger in fundings. The logo also embodies the idea that Artificial intelligence is here to stay, everything that can be automated will be automated whether companies like or not. It is those who are smart enough to adapt can endure.